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About GreenSage Business Consult

The GREENSAGE BUSINESS CONSULT LIMITED is an established company that provides corporate training solutions tailored to meet the needs of companies to individuals. We provide high level training solutions allowing individuals and organizations to achieve their full potential.

At Greensage Business Consult Limited, we apply very high standards and values. We are dedicated to providing exceptional trainings and development services without compromising on standards, both on personal and professional levels.

We provide trainings for SMEs and large corporations. We know that knowledge is that gap between your organization and its proposed goal, therefore we bridge that gap!

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Our Services

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The goal is to help individuals harness their potential through our professional training experience. Our individual training provides custom learning paths that meet your unique training needs.

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Our corporate training courses provide your employees with in-demand industry knowledge, hands-on practice, and confidence. We are committed to delivering the best possible learning experience by equipping your staff with unique methodologies that help them perform excellently and deliver maximally.

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Our team of professionals are available to consult on issues ranging from marketing and sales to planning and project management. We’ve been doing this for years and can say without sentiments, we are the best.

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In Greensage’s private and instructor-led course setting, content is delivered only to the company’s selected team and is customized to address the individual participants’ and the company’s specific needs. Discussions and context of the private course are set on the company’s deliverables and challenges, so they are immediately productive and help build real-life professional improvement

We have a network of experienced professional trainers, providing extensive knowledge and experience of private sector, and government enterprises which allows us to develop industry-leading training courses and seminars.

The benefits of Greensage’s Customized Private Training options available, including:



Location Convenience


Content is dynamically adapted to suit group needs and pace

Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide cutting edge learning experiences through excellent and experienced educators, thereby creating a platform for our trainees to stand out and compete in the global market

Our Company Mantra

‘Sharpen Your Edge’ – this is at the core of that we do, and is experienced by those who trust us with their people development

Mission Statement

Providing high level facilitators, first class delivery, and State of the art training centers

Core Values

360 degree service, Accountability, Professionalism


EFE IHEGIE ( MD Greensage outsourcing Limited)

Efe is a multi-dimensional Human Resource Management expert, with an experience spanning over a decade transcending through Talent Management, Talent Assessment and Leadership Development, Human Resource Strategy, Organizational Planning and Development, Customer Centricity, Emotional Intelligence and Business Development. She has applied these skills and knowledge in providing business centric solutions for corporates which has generated quantifiable results over the years. As an expert, Efe has garnered wealth of experience in Organization Growth and Optimization, Core Business Market Development, Business Operations and optimization providing advisory services to clients including SMEs and SMEs aggregators. She leverages her experience consulting for some of the largest organizations on strategy and execution, Enterprise Transformation Process Improvement/ Optimization, Business Planning, Due Diligence.

Efe is a deliberately focused individual that strives for excellence in any given project or tasks. As a HR Expert, she provides advisory and consulting services in Recruitment, Outsourcing, Non-Profit Development, amongst others. Currently, the founder of Shementor Africa a Non-Governmental Organizational focused on providing a platform for African women. She is also the Managing Director of Greensage Business Consult and Greensage Outsourcing Limited.  

The latter is a talent management firm that provides quality outsourcing services such as HMO Outsourcing, Call Center Outsourcing, HR Outsourcing, whilst Greensage Business Consult is a business performance management company that provides exclusive services as corporate trainings, verifications and background checks, business strategy and intelligence including process redesign and restructuring. It is safe to say, Efe is an intentional, diligent and purposeful professional and transcends these qualities in her business operations.

Our Major Clients

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